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Apartment for rent in traditional Khmer style, stay in a superior area, equipped with modern facilities, suitable for a quiet environment

Summary:The apartment is built of cement mixed with wood and has the style of a traditional Khmer house, making it very attractive and desirable to live in.

It is common knowledge that in the vogue of people's living styles are not the same, some groups prefer to live in a hustle and bustle and in a place with modern constructions and facilities which is popular in nowadays. The other group of people, their living styles are according to their emotions, sometimes like noisy and sometimes precisely, these people are mostly young people who are fulfill of working energy and like to have fun. On the other hand, there is a group of people who like to live in peace and comfort, most of them are middle-aged or older people, including a part of young people, which makes this apartment very suitable for classic and quiet living.

Condition of housing
Keyword:   Apartment for Rent in Chamkarmon

Rental price: $700-1,100/month

Types: 1-2 bedrooms apartment with size from 64-118㎡




If we look at the interior of the bedroom of this classic apartment option, we can see that there are basic amenities such as beautiful beds, chairs, wardrobes that make it comfortable for the occupants. You just bring a few clothes and accessories and can enter and live in an apartment which we call move in condition. As for the view in the room, this apartment is built by hardwood floors, have brick walls and glass doors that can see the outside view. If you look at the atmosphere, you can see that there is sunlight and fresh air, which brings comfort to those who live there.



In addition to the beautiful bedroom, we can also get a new feeling with the living room, which is perfectly arranged on the furniture, such as a spacious sofa with lighting that fits into the view of the entire apartment. Looking back at the kitchen courtyard, you are easy to cook and can enjoy eating at any time.


The apartment also has a balcony where you can also sit and enjoy watching the scenery, have dinner or have a cup tea or coffee, chat with your partner or friends, which brings a peaceful atmosphere in your life experience.

Building facilities: elevator, garden, 24-hour security, 24-hour security camera

Property management services: generators, security, laundry & cleaning services, and maintenance   

Additional Services: Cable TV, Internet

Location: Vimean Ses Sor apartment is located in Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh where is appreciated by number foreigners and also collecting place of embassies of many countries. In addition, the apartment is surrounded by cafe shops, restaurants include Khmer, European, Chinese, etc. local markets, super market, minimarts and other places which make your daily life refreshing and more convenient. As we already know in the description above, whether the design of the apartment room, both inside and outside decoration, the facilities in the room and the whole building, the fresh atmosphere and the convenient location where is easily to travel, choice of apartment is definitely suitable for people who is in the middle age, which they like to live a quiet condition, and also for youth or couple who like to have romantic life.

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