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What is kind of taxes i need to pay for second-hand housing?

Summary:What is kind of taxes i need to pay for second-hand housing? 4% tax need to be paid for purchase and transfer.

According to the Cambodia Property Property Rights Law for Foreigners, foreigners who purchase housing above the second floor of high-rise buildings in Cambodia can obtain the same property title certificates as Cambodia nationals, and foreigners can independently rent and trade housing, housing's service life is unlimited, for permanent (Note: foreigners cannot purchase land and villas of their own name).
Suppose the investor has acquired the ownership of the property, the tax must be paid before September 30th of each year. The property includes all types of properties, whether it is an apartment, an office building or a land. However, the tax is only for properties that are worth more than $25,000.
In addition, taxes on land and real estate are paid separately, even if they belong to the same investor or company. The amount of tax to be paid is 80% of the value of the property minus 25,000 US dollars (25,000 US dollars is the tax allowance), and the figure is multiplied by 0.1%. The calculation result is the property tax that the owner needs to paid.
Note: Cambodia trading of second-hand housing is also subject to a 4% tax. However, not all land is taxed annually, such as agricultural land, and state-owned land and some industrial areas are excluded.

For rental properties, Cambodian nations need to pay 10% of the rental tax each year, while foreigners need to pay 14%.
The fees to be paid for the sale of second-hand housing in Cambodia are as follows
1. The buyer must pay 4% of the announced price of the Cambodia government as a “housing transaction tax” or as required by the Cambodian government;
2, if you are looking for an intermediary, you need to pay about $1,000 for agency fees.

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