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The Sea Gate Suite On sale Apartments

The Seagate Suite, Your Downtown Sweet 100000M² urban commercial complex located downtown Sihanoukville with 360-degree view of Victory Beach. A truly iconic structure with a combination of Shopping malls, Casinos, Art Gallery, Cinema, KTV, VIP lounges, Restaurants and cultural venues. It is going to be the flagship of downtown. Nothing more nothing less.
The Sea Gate Suite
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$3,320 /m²
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  • Delivery time 2022-12
  • hard title
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Address: Cambodia Sihanoukville Krong Preah Sihanouk Sangkat Bei​ #190,St. 51
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  • Project name

    The Sea Gate Suite

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    hard title

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  • Decoration


  • Address

    Cambodia Sihanoukville Krong Preah Sihanouk Sangkat Bei​ #190,St. 51

  • Developer

    KHCN Investment & Development Co., Ltd

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    Sky Bar
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Urban commercial complex with panoramic views of Victory Beach
It integrates large-scale shopping malls, luxury casinos, skyline swimming pools, cinemas, private KTV, art exhibition centers, and special catering to create a core business life circle.

The Seagate Suite has the most splendid view of Cambodia, symbolizing an open, wealthy and strong Cambodia.  Connecting the past and the future, this investment project  presents unique vision. It is a tremendous honor to be a part  of the construction and development of this country.


【Project Description】

  The project is located next to Victory Beach, 50 meters away from Victory Beach. The project has a total construction area of more than 100,000 square meters, a total of 43 floors (total height of 146 meters), 1118 households, and 646 parking spaces.

30-80 square meters light luxury sea view apartment, freehold property rights, investment amount starting at 75,000 US dollars; each household has a large balcony with a stunning view, independent kitchen and bathroom, halls and rooms are fully furnished with furniture, household appliances, and checked in with bags.

  The project is equipped with 3000 square meters of entertainment, infinity swimming pool, business center and multi-functional meeting rooms, bars, shopping malls, KTV, gymnasium, art exhibition center, cinema, SPA, etc. It is a city integrating hotel-style apartments, commercial entertainment, leisure and vacation. Complex.


【Project location】

Sihanoukville, located in the transportation hub of Southeast Asia, is close to the planned Thai Kra Canal. With the only international deep-water port in the country, it can reach cities in many countries around the world via Sihanoukville International Airport. The Phnom Penh-Westport Expressway, which started construction in 2017, shortened the distance between the two cities to 190 kilometers. The transportation by sea, land and air is convenient, and the location advantage is very obvious.

Tairong Westport City is located on the beautiful Victory Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, adjacent to the provincial government of Sihanoukville, with a beautiful ecological environment, an excellent geographical location, and great potential for appreciation.

The long and clear coastline under the blue sea and blue sky, scattered with characteristic islands, is full of prosperous tropical rain forest plants. The high-quality natural landscape is comparable to the Maldives, and is beloved by the world's famous hotel groups. It is a romantic place for high-end tourists and diving enthusiasts from all over the world.


【Peripheral supporting】

The project is an urban commercial complex of 100,000 square meters, located in the center of Sihanoukville, with a panoramic view of Victory Beach.

Located in the main area in the town area, which integrates large shopping malls, luxury casinos, sky pools, cinemas, KTV private clubs, art exhibition centers, and special catering, to create a core business life circle, a natural landmark.


School: International College, Sihanoukville University, etc.

Shopping: Kids style SHV, Smart shop, The Man shopping center and other hotels.

Meals: Five-star Soka Hotel, Four-star Independent Hotel, Four-star Holiday Hotel, etc.

Government agencies: five-star Sokha Hotel, four-star independent hotel, four-star holiday hotel, etc.

Financial institutions: Shinhan Khmer Bank, Cooperative Bank, Canadia Bank, ABA Bank, etc.

Leisure: Independence Beach, Sokha Beach, St. Michel Catholic Church, Sihanoukville, etc.

Medical treatment: Sihanoukville International Hospital, Sihanoukville Local's Hospital, etc.

Comprehensive: Skyline swimming pool, infinity swimming pool, independent beach, yacht marina, sea plank road, etc.


【Project Benefits】

The project was constructed by China State Construction Co., Ltd., with quality assurance!The world's largest hotel management group has moved in strongly with the hotel, which appreciates immediately after buying

【Floor Plan】

  • Superior Double Room Plan

Picture 3.png

  • Superior Twin Room Plan


  • Executive Room Plan


  • Executive Suite Room Plan



1.  Northern European Style Peace and Quiet Excellent

The style of the suite is concise elegant, getting close to the nature and describing it vividly by using lines and colors to divide space, every details of the decoration will make you feel elegant thoroughly the moment you return.


2.  Luxury Baroque Style Low-Pitched

From the perspective of the craftsmanship, decorative colors, and material elements, the Seagate Suite will use European culture as the inspiration to represent your unique and royal taste.


3. Style Distinguish and Elegant

To the world, the neoclassicism symbolizes the elegant and romantic life style, art and soul, it is widely spread unit it becomes the classic.



4. New Oriental Style - Blends the Ancient Style with Modern Taste

Infusing modern elements into the traditional Chinese aesthetics by assembling, fusing and engraving which makes the life of peaceful beauty.



5. Minimalism Style Less is More

A Residence with multiple functions including quietness, brightness, and comfort forms a fantastic life consisting of unique pattern and tasteful space.




6.  South-east Asia Style Things and United

The interior will bring tropical nature feeling by using comforting neutral color, wall paper, solid wood, diatom mud and handmade masterpieces.


【Smart Home Systems】



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