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Check out the five districts with affordable apartments rental in Phnom Penh

Summary:Today, let’s follow Compass Real Estate to check out the five districts with affordable apartments rental in Phnom Penh!

Since 2008, the apartment building has entered the Cambodian market, meeting the residential need of the local people and foreigners in the kingdom. In the past, most foreigners who came to work or study in Cambodia could only live in hotels, but long-term hotel stays would increase costs.

Therefore, once modern apartments appeared, they were very popular among foreigners in Cambodia. Nowadays, more and more Cambodian locals, especially young people, also prefer to rent apartments.


When renting an apartment in Phnom Penh, the better the location, the more expensive for the price. For example, BKK1 and Tonle Bassac communes, which are popular among foreigners, as well as the prosperous areas of Doun Penh District, 7 Makara District, and Toul Kork District, are convenient for travel, and there are abundant facilities such as restaurants, entertainment and leisure, supermarkets, etc., which makes life very convenient, but the rent will be relatively high.


In fact, the rental price of an apartment is not only related to the location, but also to the configuration of the apartment building, the size of the room, the interior decoration, whether cleaning services are included, etc.

In Phnom Penh rental market, the average price for a one-bedroom apartment is about $350-800 per month, two-bedroom $700-1,500+, and three-bedroom is about $1,000-2,500+.


Although BKK, Chamkarmon, Toul Kork, and  Doun Penh are the core areas of Phnom Penh, not all the  rental in the entire district are very high. There are also some area with more affordable prices, which are suitable for tenants who want to live in the core area of the capital and save money. In addition, there are several areas close to the core districts of Phnom Penh that are also very cost-effective. Today, let’s follow Compass Real Estate to check out the five districts with affordable apartments rental in Phnom Penh!

1. Chamkarmon 

Chamkarmon, located to the south of central Phnom Penh, is part of the Central Business District (CBD). Phnom Penh, and is part of the Central Business District (CBD).

The representative landmarks of Chamkarmon District include the Independence Monument and Naga World. Meanwhile, there are many hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, markets, schools, supermarkets, etc. in the area.With a high degree of commercialization, Chamkarmon is the divergence place of the trend culture of young people in Phnom Penh. In addition, Chamkarmon is also characterized by a dense number of embassies and many expats, as well as companies from various countries have settled here.


Rich and mature commercial facilities, beautiful scenery of Bassac Riverside , safe and friendly living environment, all making Chamkarmon District one of the most popular residential and tourist areas.


Among all the communes in Chamkarmon District, residences in Toul Tum Poung and Phsar Doeum Thkov communes are more affordable compared to Tonle Bassac commune and other downtown areas, making them more popular with foreigners.


The average monthly rent of affordable apartment for studio room is between $230-$550, one bedroom $300-$650, two bedroom $400-$700, three bedroom is $800-$1,000 and for 4 bedrooms cost between $1,000-$2200.


It should be mentioned that will be able to include services such as cleaning, and also covers the cost of using the facilities in the apartment building (such as gym, swimming pool, etc.).

2. Toul Kork

Toul Kork is located in the center of Phnom Penh, adjacent to the core districts of Doun Penh, Chamkarmon, and 7 Makara. To the west of Toul Kork is the emerging and popular Sen Sok District

Toul Kork is horizontally traversed by the main road of Russian Federation Blvd, which can quickly reach other core areas and is also an important road to Phnom Penh International Airport, so travel here is very convenient.

TK .jpeg

Toul Kork is one of the wealthy areas in Phnom Penh with a large number of villas in the district. Moreover, there are many international schools and national universities in Toul Kork District, which gather many young people and foreigners. The overall living environment here is very comfortable and quiet.

In terms of living convenience, There are shopping malls such as TK Avenue and Fun Mall in the area, as well as local traditional markets such as Toul Kork Market. The district is also surrounded by Eden Garden, Khalandale Mall, AEON 2, Makro, Chip Mong Shopping mall, Olympia Mall, etc., which are very convenient for shopping and leisure. In addition, there are chain convenience stores all over the area, making life more convenient.

Market in TK .jpeg

Due to the completed and mature infrastructure and high-quality living environment, Toul Kork is also the most popular residential area after Chamkarmon District.

Accommodation in Toul Kork is available in a variety of options and prices. If you want to stay on a budget, you can consider the area of Boeung Kak 1, Phsar Depo 3 and Phsar Daeum Kor communes, where there are many apartments for rent at reasonable prices. The average rent for apartments in these areas is as follows: Studio range from $220-$450, One bedroom $400-$550 and two bedroom between $400-$550   


3. Sen Sok

Over the last five years,  Sen Sok district, west of Phnom Penh, has undergone tremendous changes, with Borey, communities, apartments, shopping malls and commercial buildings increasing as the population in the area grows.

sen sok.jpeg

Among them, Tuek Thla Commune is an emerging area close to Phnom Penh International Airport. Along the two main roads of Russian Federation Blvd and Street 2004, many large landmark shopping malls, communities and other apartment buildings gathered here, including Booyoung Town Project, 2 buildings of Tela, Attwood Business Center, Ratana Plaza Shopping Mall, Midtown Community Mall.

In addition, you can reach  Aeon Mall 2, Makro, Global House, Chip Mong Sen Sok Mall and other entertainment venues can be reached in just 15-20 minutes.

Booyoung town .jpeg

It should be mentioned that along the street 2004, there are famous international schools such as CIA FIRST and North Bridge, as well as large communities, with a high quality of living environment.

Tuek Thla has the most affordable apartments among other communes in Sen Sok district, with the average monthly rent for a studio room ranging from $170-$380, one-bedroom from $280-$500, two-bedroom from $350-$750, and three-bedroom rent from $470 to $1,000. 

Among the above rental prices, some are local-type apartments, and there are also modern serviced apartments with swimming pools, gyms, and spacious gardens.


4. Mean Chey

Mean Chey District is located in the south of Phnom Penh, with Yothapol Khemarak Phoumin Blvd (271) to the south and Bassac River to the west.

With the Implementation of new Phnom Penh International Airport, ING City satellite city (Aeon, Chip Mong and other shopping malls), it has attracted more and more large-scale development projects. The district has become a hotspot for real estate investment and development, with residential communities and commercial centers constantly being built.

Mean Chey ING.jpeg

lADPM5j9nU1kWT7NBIDNCAA_2048_1152 (1).jpg

However, despite the fact that this district is under development and have small number of apartment buildings, the price of the apartment units is reasonably acceptable.

Especially in the area of Boeng Tumpun, not only closer to Hun Sen Blvd 60m, traveling less than 10 Minutes, you can also easily reach important places such as Chip Mong 271 Mega Mall, Aeon Mall Meanchey, 60M Food Street, Lucky Supermarket.

271 road.jpeg

Compared to other areas in the Mean Chey District, the above mentioned area is rich in affordable apartment buildings for rent, providing room service including cleaning, garbage collection services, and facilities in the building such as elevators, parking space, gyms, swimming pools, etc. 

Monthly rents for studios range from $150 to $400, one-bedroom from $200 to $600 and two-bedroom between $400 and $ 600. Some rents also include parking, cable TV, and WiFi.


5. Russey Keo

Russey Keo District is located in the north of Phnom Penh and is the northern entrance of Phnom Penh. National Highway 5 is the main road of the district and extends northward along the Tonle Sap River. In recent years, the infrastructure and supporting facilities of Russey Keo District have been developed more and more completed, such as the opening of the Russey Keo Bridge and N5 Night Market. More and more large Borey communities, public/private schools, educational institutions, enterprises, leisure and entertainment venues, etc. have settled in the district.

Russei keo.jpeg

Tuol Sangkae is the commune with the most concentrated apartment buildings in Russey Keo District. Living here, you can quickly go to the Royal Palace, BKK, Diamond Island (koh Pich), Toul Kork, Chroy Changvar and other places in the south through Monivong Blvd and Preah Sisowath Quay, which is very convenient for daily commuting.

Toul Sangke.jpeg

For serviced apartments in Tuol Sangkae, the average rent for studio is $150-$350, one-bedroom is $240-$350, two-bedroom is $650-$800 and three-bedroom is $750-$970. With the above rental price, tenants can enjoy Internet, cable TV, cleaning services, etc.

russie keo.jpg

Overall, despite the rapid development of Phnom Penh, the cost of accommodation is still acceptable, especially in the five affordable districts mentioned above. These districts are located in or near the city center, with convenient commuting and complete living facilities. Living here will make your daily life more convenient.

Please also note that the rental prices quoted above are estimates are average estimated prices and for reference only.

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